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Preschool and Kindergarten

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Kelley Kuchinov, Monroe, NJ

After doing a lot of research and touring several area Montessori schools, we were sure that MONTESSORI CHILDREN’S WORLD (MCW) was the best choice for our family! Working together with Mrs. Vijapurapu and the staff, who are Montessori certified, ensures that children grow to be happy, generous, educated and open-minded.

As we observed and learned more about the Montessori theories, it was clear that Mrs. Vijapurapu designs her school with intention and purpose. The school is often (surprisingly) quiet because the children are all intently working on lessons that interest them and that challenge them! Yes, they are given plenty of time to run freely on the playground and be physical during scheduled “specials,” but the classroom is like a sacred space. Students are respectful of their chosen work, each other, the teachers and the environment!

Both of our children attended the MCW preschool and Kindergarten programs. Our children LOVED learning and were both aptly ready for first grade, with skills in reading, handwriting, language, math and science. Not to mention that they gained social graces and independence!

Our children are enthusiastic, curious, cooperative, polite, and imaginative, thanks to the dedicated, caring, thoughtful and supportive teachers at MCW!