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The word “Montessori” can produce an astonishing array of responses, from “too lax” to “too strict” to “cultish.” The images range from preschoolers running wild to others forced to sit still with folded hands.

Neither extreme approaches the truth, say Montessorians, who explain that such misconceptions have arisen largely because the Montessori name is not well protected by trademark. Just about anyone can hang up a shingle and call a school “Montessori,” however tenuous its links to Maria Montessori and her ideas. More than one school has been known to operate with “Montessori” in its name and no authentic training behind its staff…. [The Many Faces of Montessori by Barbara Rosen, The New York Times]

Our school was founded on the premise of offering South Brunswick and the neighboring townships an authentic Montessori school that lives up to its name. Since 2011, Montessori Children’s World has been providing excellent preschool education for children ages 21/2 to 6 years of age. Our teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society, and are dedicated individuals that believe in the Montessori philosophy. Our mixed age classrooms help our children learn and thrive in a non competitive atmosphere. We offer various specials such as Music, Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Yoga to enhance our children’s love of learning. Our teachers develop individualized lesson plans for each of our children. All lessons are presented one-on-one, with the child getting the teacher’s undivided attention, and vice-versa. We offer extended hours and camp to support our busy families all year round.


We are committed to serving the community and nurturing the children while being guided by the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. We are dedicated to fostering the child’s love of learning, while encouraging independence and imagination, and help them develop into responsible individuals of the society.

About Our School

We are an authentic Montessori school that has been serving South Brunswick and the surrounding townships since 2011. The school quickly earned praise for its excellent care and Montessori teaching methods. We inspire our children to achieve their potential and become responsible, caring citizens of the world. Children learn to respect their environment, each other, and enjoy the benefits of “freedom within limits”.

Our MCW Families – We believe in Family – School Partnership to help our children reach their utmost potential, and having a joyful learning experience. Our parents are invited to visit their children throughout the year with fun occasions such as “bring your parent to school week” when the visits are scheduled during a certain week of the year. Parents are also invited to visit and watch their children at work any time during the school year . Parents can choose to watch their children at work either on our monitor in the office (through a closed circuit camera) or better yet, step into the classroom and have their child show them some of their favorite work. We encourage our parents to participate in their child’s learning process, understand our method of teaching, and our beliefs and gain a better perceptive of our curriculum through their visits. Parents are also invited to visit their child’s class to share their special interests, and hobbies with the children. We conduct Parent-teacher conferences are twice a year. However, an additional conference can be scheduled when needed. Newsletters are emailed once a month for parents to see what’s been happening at their child’s school.

We organize two field trips each academic year to enrich our children’s educational experience. In the winter, we take a trip to the State Theater in New Brunswick to watch a live stage performance. In Spring, we take our children to a local farm to see the baby animals, the vegetables and fruits that grow on the farm. They get a tour of the farm while taking a hay ride around it. The children are exposed to a variety of valuable information while having a fun field trip to the farm.

Specials: We offer specials such as Spanish, Physical Education, Music, Art, Yoga to enhance our children’s learning experience and make their day enjoyable. All of our specials classes are conducted in small groups so the children get the most benefit from the activity.

About the Director-Mrs. Sudha Vijapurapu

“The confidence, knowledge and guidance I accumulated from the teaching experience enabled me to dream big and realize my ambition to start a school”
– Mrs. Sudha Vijapurapu, Director of Montessori Children’s World

Mrs. Sudha Vijapurapu has been a Montessori teacher for the last 14 years. She received her Montessori training from the Montessori Teacher’s Training Program offered by Mercer County Community College in 2004. After one additional year of internship at Montessori Corner in Plainsboro, NJ, she received her American Montessori Society (AMS) Certification. Following her certification, Mrs.Vijapurapu served on the faculty of the Montessori Teacher Training Program offered by Mercer County Community College, empowering others to fulfill their goals of becoming Montessori teachers.She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

Mrs. Vijapurapu has always been passionate about Montessori philosophy and stays true to the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori in the classroom. Although she is the Director, Sudha also serves as a head teacher in the classroom. She continues to inspire growth and development in both her students and her staff.

Sudha has received numerous accolades from parents who saw transformation in their children under her care. Click here for parent testimonials.