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Serving Children Ages 2.5 to 6 years

Online Preschool, Kindergarten & Reading

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Welcome to Montessori Children’s World! Email: contact@mcwnj.com

We have been committed to serving the community and nurturing our children while being guided by the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori for the past nine years. In keeping with the changing times, and with a view to help our children learn and grow in the safety of their own homes, we have moved our operations online. As always we are dedicated…


Montessori lessons online for Preschool & Kindergarten Email:contact@mcwnj.com

Our online sessions  will be geared to meet your child's growing needs academically. Using the Montessori methodology and curriculum, we will design our online sessions to meet your child's individual goals. Worksheets will be made available for your child to practice at home and to stay in touch with the class work. Our groups sessions are limited to a maximum of five…


We offer online reading classes for preschool & kindergarten Email:contact@mcwnj.com

Learning to read should come naturally to a child as they learn to put together the beginning letter sounds of each of the alphabet. Using Montessori methodology, we teach the child not only to recognize the letters of the alphabet, but also learn the beginning, middle, and ending letter sounds so we can help them step into the realm of reading.  We…


We also offer online math classes for preschool & kindergarten Email:contact@mcwnj.com

We use the very successful and time tested  Montessori method to teach our children the concepts of math. We use flash cards and fun videos to help our children with number recognition and counting. Even the more complex lessons such as addition, multiplication,  subtraction, and place value concepts will be taught by utilizing the Montessori method. Our children will view videos of…


We offer several choices to Parents and Children


We’re flexible to fit your schedule!

  • Ideal for work from home or stay at home parents
  • Three or five days a week attendance options
  • Preschool and Kindergarten
  • Groups limited to 5 children only
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Individualized lesson plans to suit your child’s needs.

We develop individualized lesson plans while adhering to the Montessori philosophy. Our personal attention to your child’s needs and development will help your child achieve their utmost potential.

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Online classes for Reading and Math

  • Individualized lesson plans
  • Catch up or stay ahead of your grade level
  • Online classes followed by worksheets for every class
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